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Single Tooth Dental Implant
Washington, DC

Single tooth implants offer the best available choice for replacing a tooth that is missing after injury or any other cause. You can rely on us at City Smiles DC to provide you with the best single tooth implant you can get. If you have a missing tooth, a single tooth dental implant and a crown are all that you may need to get back that beautiful smile.

Dental implants are now proving to have many benefits over other options that are available in the industry. Opting for a single tooth implant has considerable benefits which shouldn’t be overlooked. A single tooth implant is a good restorative dental procedure that can go a long way in ensuring that a patient regains his/her lost optimum oral health.

Advantages of a Single Tooth Implant

There are numerous advantages of dental implants over the other tooth replacement options currently available. Tooth implants look natural and function just like natural teeth, and having a single tooth implant will not affect the neighboring teeth. In the case of a tooth-supported fixed bridge, the adjacent teeth usually need to be ground down a little bit to support the cemented bridge.

Another advantage of a single tooth implant over other options is that it replaces the root of the teeth being replaced, thus preserving the bone. Our certified and highly qualified dentist will help you in every step of your tooth replacement with the utmost professionalism. Dental implants usually integrate with the jawbone, something that helps to maintain the good health of the bone

A dental implant also guarantees better hygiene than a bridge because it is easy to clean and also more aesthetically pleasing. Where a bridge has been used, gums usually tend to recede and can sometimes leave defects that may be visible when the collar of the bridge is exposed. Another disadvantage of bridges is that the resorbed bone under the bridge is usually not attractive.

Bridges are usually fastened in place by way of cement and sometimes when the cement gets washed out, bacteria may get a chance to attack and decay the teeth anchoring the bridge.

Implant Placement

This implant that looks somewhat like a cylinder or screw is usually put into the jawbone. After this has been done, the bone and the implant are usually given a period of between two to six months to heal and form a strong bond. Once the healing has finally completed, the artificial tooth can then be anchored on the abutment.

Crown Placement

The final procedure involved in a single tooth implant is the placement of the artificial tooth, commonly referred to as the crown. The crown is usually created by a dentist based on your unique specifications. Once the dentist has established that the crown is good for you, he/she will attach it on the abutment, and there you will have your tooth back!

For more information on dental implants, feel free to call City Smiles DC at (202) 223-6300, and we will be happy to answer any question you may have.

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Single tooth implants offer the best choice for replacing a tooth that is missing after injury or any other cause. You can rely on us at City Smiles DC to provide you with the best single tooth dental implant you can get.
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