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Aesthetic Gum Lift

A woman smiling with her beautiful smile Here at City Smiles DC, we want you to have your best smile so if you have uneven gums that are affecting your confidence and self-esteem, we can help you reshape them to make you feel comfortable. This process is known as an aesthetic gum lift, gum reshaping or even gum contouring.

Maybe your gums are uneven, or they simply cover too much of your teeth, resulting in what is known as a "gummy" smile, or they might even make your teeth seem smaller. Your gums might even have receded and are now exposing more tooth surface than they should be.

If any of the previous is happening to you, you might need to consider an aesthetic gum lift or reshaping, not only for aesthetic, but even medical and therapeutic reasons. Although it's mainly a medical procedure to help counter tooth decay, loss, infections and even periodontal diseases caused by these gum problems, this can also tear down your confidence and keep you from smiling.

For example, if your gums are receding, they're leaving your teeth exposed and even vulnerable since the root is closer to the surface. Moreover, if they happen to create pockets next to your teeth or between them, they're providing the ideal location for bacteria to gather and fester. Aside from the medical incidence, your teeth might smell, discolor, chip, rot, and more, making you feel insecure.

How Does the Aesthetic Gum Lift Procedure Work?

This procedure is performed in our offices and requires a highly qualified team, like ours. You will be given mild local anesthesia to numb your gums, and we'll then use a soft tissue laser to trim away the excess gum tissue.

By lengthening the crown, we can get rid of a "gummy smile" if it's affecting your confidence, by using the laser to reshape and seal the tissue, creating the ideal shape for your smile. We can also eliminate any hollow pockets that are trapping bacteria and avoid any future infections.

How Should I Care for My Teeth Afterwards?

Once you have your gums reshaped, you will need to be much more careful with your teeth multiple weeks after the procedure. Make sure you continue to brush your teeth twice a day and floss, but more gently than usual, until your gums have fully healed to avoid irritating the tissue and prevent bleeding and infections.

Using a gentle but cleansing mouth rinse will also be very important since they help kill most germs upon contact. Just make sure it doesn't include any alcohol, so you don't "burn" your sensitive gums.

You might also need to be careful with what foods you eat. Opt for soft and cool foods on the first days and avoid anything spicy or with seeds until your gums are completely healed. Additionally, you might need to take some kind of pain reliever to handle the pain if it occurs.

To get more information on aesthetic gum lift, feel free to call the experienced professionals here at City Smiles DC at (202) 223-6300 today!

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