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Digital X-Rays
Washington, DC

Image of a digital x-ray room at City Smiles DC.Our seasoned, dentist, Dr. Stuart Ross, keeps his dental practice in Washington, DC up-to-date with the latest in dental technology for the convenience of our patients. At City Smiles DC, we offer digital x-rays, a crisp imaging system that captures your images quickly and efficiently. With digital x-rays, Dr. Ross and our team can better analyze teeth and gums, plan your treatment more precisely, and guide you on the path towards optimal oral health.

Schick Elite by Sirona digital x-rays (which are portable and can be read off-site) make it easier for Dr. Ross to pinpoint your problem areas, from tooth decay, bacteria pockets, wisdom teeth, loosening teeth, and more. Digital x-rays have allowed us to better diagnose oral health issues and risks for patients of all ages here in Washington, DC. We can define possible dental caries, the beginnings of periodontal disease, assess your existing dental fixtures (such as implants, dental fillings, onlays/inlays, and more), and overall, guide you down the best path of treatment that fits your needs.


Digital x-rays take no more than 5 minutes to complete and are not painful for the patient. A digital sensor will be positioned in or around the patient’s mouth. The picture is taken and instantly sent to a computer where the x-rays can be viewed by the dentist and easily stored in the patient’s file for future reference. Keeping past x-rays helps the dentist see the patient’s progress over time and makes it easier to notice changes.

Areas of imaging include:
•  Periapical: entire tooth, from crown to supporting bone
•  Bite-wing: lower and upper back teeth
•  Panoramic: teeth, jaws, and sinuses
•  Occlusal: the bite of the upper of lower jaw


After the x-rays are taken, the dentist will go over any concerns they see with the patient. The dentist will then go through the patient’s options for treatment or any recommendations for home care to prevent possible problems. Digital x-rays use a smaller amount of radiation compared to traditional x-rays, but patients should still wear a lead apron and let their dentist know if they are pregnant or breastfeeding so extra precautions can be taken.


Since digital x-rays are a preventative procedure, most insurance will cover the costs, minus the patient’s copay. Our office will call to determine the patient’s coverage before billing.


Digital x-rays help your dentist see and prevent dental problems, like cavities and gum disease. An annual dental exam with digital x-rays is an important part of every patient’s oral health care plan. Call (202) 223-6300 and schedule your check-up at City Smiles DC. Let Dr. Ross take a look at your teeth with our digital x-ray technology.

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Digital X-Rays | City Smiles DC - Washington, DC
At City Smiles DC, we offer digital x-rays, a crisp imaging system that captures your images quickly and efficiently. Click to learn more.
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