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Jaw & Gum Resorption

Implant Supported Dentures DiagramJaw and gum resorption is a serious condition that requires the attention of a dental professional. This condition is especially important for dental patients who have received dentures, as they will accelerate the process of resorption. There is a treatment for this condition. City Smiles DC’s experts can assess the situation and plan an appropriate course of treatment.

What is Resorption and What Causes it?

Over the course of a lifetime, bone density and strength is naturally reduced. You’ve likely heard the term osteoporosis, referring to the bone loss that occurs naturally throughout the body as people age. The same process occurs in the jaws and gums. When a person is young, the bone regenerates very quickly and maintains its shape. In older individuals, like many of the patients we see at our office, that process is slowed down, and bone loss can accumulate.

Resorption is particularly a problem for patients who have full and partial dentures. Many experts estimate that, on average, people who opt for dentures as a dental solution will lose 40% of their jawbone within the first six months. The reason is that, although dentures restore function to the mouth, the jaws and gums lose the stimulation that natural teeth provide to renew and maintain their strength. This is the same concept as muscle atrophy – when you don’t use them, your body believes they don’t need them any longer.

Complications from Jaw and Gum Resorption

For patients with dentures, the loss of bone mass will affect the way the dentures fit in the mouth. Poorly fitting dentures can in turn cause of a variety of unpleasant results. Aesthetically, shrinking jaws and gumlines are not ideal.

To restore functionality and keep an ideal appearance to the mouth, action must be taken to correct the complications arising from resorption.

Solutions for Jaw and Gum Resorption

Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate the loss of bone. One of the most reliable, long-term methods is a set of dental implants – tiny screws placed into the jawbone to maintain the structure and provide the necessary stimulation for the body to naturally maintain the bone mass and density.

In most cases, these dental implants can prevent further bone loss and help keep the dentures fitting properly. In some instances where there is extensive bone loss, a bone graft may be required to provide the additional foundation for the dentures to rest on.

Each patient’s case is different which requires an individualized approach to treatment. After examination and consultation, the dentist and the patient can decide together on the best course of treatment to take.

The experts at City Smiles DC have extensive experience effectively treating jaw and gum resorption. When you book an appointment for treatment, you will benefit from the years of experience and thousands of successful treatments at the clinic. Don’t wait to address this issue – the sooner our team can get to work restoring your jaws and gum, the better the outcome will be. To schedule a consultation, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff at (202) 223-6300.

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