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Multiple Tooth Implant
Washington, DC

Multiple tooth implants may be necessary where all the lower teeth or upper teeth are missing after an injury or accident. At City Smiles DC we have highly qualified and experienced endodontists and dentists who will help you get the quality multiple tooth implant that you need.

Multiple dental implants usually come in handy where multiple teeth have been lost, and the patient needs to get back his/her natural look. Traditional dentures that were used before the advent of implants have proven not to offer a long-lasting solution. This usually occurs because dentures over time tend towards becoming loose and unstable.

If you need good quality multiple tooth implants, our highly qualified dentists have got you covered. Our dental specialists will help you get either of the two multiple tooth implant procedures below based on your unique needs.

Fixed Appliance

This is a type of dental bridge that can either be screw-retained or cemented, and it is usually not removable. This procedure can be used to replace all of your teeth anchored in one arch, or even to replace just a few teeth.

Removable Appliance

Implants can support a full or partial denture. A patient may need up to four implants to be able to support the lower denture and up to six implants to support the upper denture. Removable appliances, unlike fixed appliances, can easily be removed and put back when the need arises.

What is The Procedure

Our qualified dentists will be able to assist the patient in getting only high-quality multiple tooth implants. Visit us, and you can be assured of getting the most effective dental implant that you deserve.

Our dentists use advanced 3D x-rays that help them get detailed information of the jawbone. This makes it easy for them to be able to spot areas of recession on the jawbone. If needed, the patient can be recommended to undergo a preparatory type treatment like bone grafting.

To help alleviate any chance of pain during the procedure, local anesthesia is used. The patient may also be sedated to help keep him/her relaxed during the treatment. Once this has been administered, the dentist will proceed to carefully place some implant posts into the patient’s jawbone.

It is important to note that the number of implant posts that will be placed depends on the number of teeth to be replaced and of course the size of the patient’s restoration. Typically, where multiple teeth are missing, the dentist will insert two implants to support the dental bridge.

After the implants have been placed carefully into the jawbone, the patient will then need to wait for a period of several months to allow for the implant and the bone to fuse perfectly well. Once the patient has fully recovered, our dental specialists go ahead and attach the custom-made dental restoration.

If you need quality and top-notch multiple tooth implant feel free to call our dental specialists City Smiles DC at (202) 223-6300 today to schedule an appointment.

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Multiple Tooth Implant | City Smiles DC - Washington DC
At City Smiles DC, we have highly qualified and experienced endodontists and dentists who will help you get the quality multiple tooth implant that you need.
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