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Oral Cancer Screening
Washington, DC

Dr. Stuart Ross is pleased to introduce the VELscope® oral disease screening system into his dental practice that aids in the detection of oral abnormalities, including oral cancer. The VELscope helps Dr. Ross to better view any abnormal tissue that could lead to cancer with a hand-held device, shining a bright light into your mouth to look for any changes in the patterns of your soft tissues. This painless oral cancer screening could be a life saver.

Patients who are more susceptible or at-risk for disease, cancer, and pre-cancer should have regular screenings. Men and women over the age of 18 who use tobacco products, consume excessive amounts of alcohol, have a family predisposition to cancer, and/or over exposure to sun at any age, should be tested annually or if they have a suspicious area or a lesion within their mouth. Let us take a look at City Smiles DC in our Washington, DC office with our VELscope technology.


Without detection, you may have oral cancer and not know it. Many patients do not. We recommend our patients receive an oral cancer screening after a thorough regular dental examination. During the VELscope screening, the dentist will also be feeling inside of your mouth for bumps and thickened areas. If a lesion is found, our dentist may recommend having a soft tissue biopsy. We suggest following all your dentist's recommendations if something is detected during the VELscope screening.


Generally, preventative screenings, such as oral cancer exams, are typically covered by dental insurance as a part of the routine dental exam. With that being said, some insurance providers may not.


VELscope is a safe, new method of screening for oral cancer with light energy. As a technology leader in oral health, VELscope has made it easier and more affordable to catch oral cancer. Call and schedule your annual exam at City Smiles DC with Dr. Ross today.

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Oral Cancer Screening | City Smiles DC - Washington, DC
At City Smiles DC, we are pleased to introduce the VELscope oral disease screening system, that aids in the detection of oral abnormalities including cancer.
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