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Partial & Full Dentures
Washington, DC

Rendering of removable partial denture at City Smiles DC in Washington,DC. Occasionally, teeth replacements called dentures are recommended for missing or damaged teeth. These can come in two forms: partial and full dentures. Partial dentures are a simpler solution than full dentures, whereas full dentures offer a more complete and long-term solution.

Partial dentures attach to your natural teeth using a framework, allowing removal when necessary. Full dentures are attached to the gum after all the natural teeth have been removed. For years, City Smiles DC has performed both partial and full denture work safely and reliably.

Our Partial Dentures Work

For clients that have many of their natural teeth remaining, we often recommend partial dentures. Our skilled practitioners carefully lay down a foundation, sometimes called a “bridge,” to attach the dentures, which can then be taken out regularly while sleeping or to clean.

Our dentists fit the dentures to complete broken teeth and replace missing teeth, creating a natural look as they fit tightly over your teeth. Over decades of experience, our team has perfected the craft. We take pride in providing a natural smile for our clients that they can wear proudly.

Our Full Dentures Work

For a more permanent solution, we also provide full dentures. With this procedure, after appropriate anesthesia to numb the mouth and eliminate pain, our dentists remove any excess teeth and lay down a new, permanent set of dentures on top of the gums. The jaw will be measured by our team and the dentures designed accordingly for a perfect fit.

Temporary vs. Permanent Dentures

Full dentures are installed using either temporary or permanent dentures. Depending on the situation and the wishes of our patients, our dentists may decide that temporary dentures are the best option. In this case, before removal of the remaining teeth, we will make a mold of the jaw and craft a temporary set of dentures to fit the jaw. After removal of the teeth, the temporary dentures will be fit to the jaw.

The advantages of this procedure are that the face will retain its shape and that the patient can eat immediately after the work. Typically, patients will return to the clinic while the gums heal so that our dentists can adjust the dentures as needed. Permanent dentures are the ideal long-term solution. They are fitted after the mouth has fully healed, all swelling subsided so that they will fit permanently.

After-Care for Dentures

For partial dentures, you will want to clean the teeth daily to maintain your new teeth. Brushing is always important, but brushing when you have your new set of teeth is even more so. We may recommend special floss that can reach into and under the false teeth to keep everything spotless. It is best to avoid smoking at all for at least several days after the dentures are set in. Ibuprofen can be taken for pain management as needed.

City Smiles DC is ready to provide a brand-new smile in a clean, welcoming environment. The friendly reception staff can be reached for appointment scheduling and any additional questions at (202) 223-6300, We’ll explain everything and ease your concerns so that you feel confident about moving forward to put in your new set of teeth.

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Partial & Full Dentures | City Smiles DC - Washington, DC
At City Smiles DC, we have performed both partial and full denture work safely and reliably for many years. Click to learn more.
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