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Periodontal Laser Therapy
Washington, DC

Woman with dental pain due to gum diseaseLet us "wow" you with our new laser technologies to treat your periodontal issues at City Smiles DC. Our dentist, Dr. Stuart Ross uses high-powered laser technology to make more precise cuts, extractions, and deep cleanings with high-powered laser technologies (such as the Sirona SIROLaser™) for your dental work. We can use laser treatments for:

•  Tooth decay: To prepare a tooth for a crown, tooth-colored filling, or other restoration, our laser therapy can remove tooth decay in and around the tooth and reshape it before restoration placement.
•  Gum disease: Dr. Ross can use a laser to scrape the bacteria and plaque deeply embedded into the pockets of the gum tissue. He can also use this same treatment to reshape gums to eliminate a "gummy smile."
•  Biopsy: We can use a laser to excise tissue from your mouth to check for oral pathologies, pre-cancer and cancer of the mouth.

Learn more about how you could benefit from our laser techniques for your tooth and gum treatments at your next scheduled appointment. We will walk you through the process, and explain in detail how periodontal laser treatments work. Call our office in Washington, DC today.


Dr. Ross utilizes a few types of dental lasers, to ensure that his patients have access to the best technology for their periodontal treatments.
•  Sirona SIROLaser™
•  Ivoclar Odyssey® Diode Laser
•  Nd:YAG Laser by ADT®

You can rest assured that a dentist who offers laser therapy has undergone training and courses to use this specialized machinery for dental work. Dr. Ross is certified by ADT, Sirona, and Ivoclar, as well as maintains a membership with the Academy of Laser Dentistry. With his certification and continuing education tools in hand, Dr. Ross will be prepared to address any oral health problems that require precision and minimally invasive surgery.


During your laser treatment, we will have you in a comfortable seat for the procedures in one of our private treatment rooms. We will provide you with eye protection during the procedure. You will be numbed in the areas of treatment and may have a form of sedation (as discussed in treatment planning). The dentist will pass the laser within the treatment area. No stitching is usually required. Patients may have a small area of the gum that needs the laser session, or larger sections of the gum can be treated at the same time. Our dentist will discuss in detail exactly at what length and depth your laser session is needed to eliminate the problem. We will also give you aftercare instructions before you are discharged to go home. If you have any concerns after the laser appointment, please call our office.


After your periodontal laser treatment session or biopsy excision, there really is not much of a need for stitching or suturing. The beauty of this laser technology is that you can achieve the same result as traditional methods of gum treatments, grafting or excising tissue without the need for stitches. This also means that there is less potential for scarring and limited recovery time. Depending on the treatment you have received under our care, we will give you aftercare instructions at your appointment on how to care for your gums post-treatment.


If you have been recommended for a periodontal laser treatment at City Smiles DC, our advanced technology can help rid your gums of bacteria to stop tooth decay and prevent the spread of gum disease. Our knowledgeable staff can explain our techniques and the technologies used in-depth at a private consultation in our Washington, DC office.

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Please call (202) 223-6300 and schedule your appointment today to learn more. Save time, money, and your teeth and gums with laser treatments.

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Periodontal Laser Therapy | City Smiles DC - Washington, DC
At City Smiles DC, we have the latest laser technologies to treat your periodontal issues. Click here to learn more about our periodontal laser therapy.
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