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Ridge Augmentation
Washington, DC

Man smiling with his arms crossed after ridge augmentation procedure at City Smiles DC in Washington, DC.Here at City Smiles DC, we’re offering a ridge augmentation procedure for our patients. This is a common procedure for those who had a tooth extraction. We use it to rebuild gums and jaw that may have been damaged due to bone loss.

In this procedure, we augment the alveolar ridges or the bone that surrounds the roots of your teeth. This bone supports your teeth and defines the appearance and proportions of your smile. The ridge augmentation is a similar procedure to standard bone graft, and we use several types of tissue.

Who is a Ridge Augmentation Procedure For?

The ridge augmentation procedure is sometimes necessary for our extraction patients. After the extraction procedure, an empty socket is formed in the affected area.

In most cases, it heals and fills with tissue and bone. However, if the bone near the socket breaks during the extraction procedure, it may be unable to heal. As a result, the empty socket will continue to spread. The same process sometimes also happens when you lose a tooth due to injury and trauma. To ensure the jawbone stays strong to be able to support your teeth, we will recommend ridge augmentation in this case.

Other common reasons for the procedure include aesthetic purposes for those with a misshaped or deformed jaw, as well as a preparatory step for dental implants in certain cases.

However, we recommend this treatment only to our healthy patients who have strong enough immunity for a surgical procedure. This is necessary, so you’re able to heal and recover completely and with no side effects. Some chronic diseases such as diabetes may also make you ineligible for the procedure. For this reason, we will discuss your past medical issues before we perform any surgery.

The Ridge Augmentation Process

If we determine that your eligible for ridge augmentation, we will continue to develop an individual treatment plan for your case. We may need to do digital x-rays or digital imaging to accurately see the areas that need regeneration, as well as to determine the correct size and shape of your dental graft. In this preparatory step, we will also decide which material is the best for your specific case.

There are also some steps you will have to do before surgery, to ensure the best results and a quick recovery. If you’re a regular smoker, you will need to quit smoking a month before surgery. You will also have to stop taking some anti-inflammatories, herbal supplements, and possibly other medication before your treatment. You should inform us of any medication you’re taking on your initial check-up.

On your next appointment, we will proceed to the surgery. We do that by placing the appropriate bone graft in the tooth socket. After this step, we will place the gum tissue over the bone graft and secure it with sutures. If you’re planning to have a dental implant placement after the procedure, you can do so when the graft completely heals.

To find more information about the ridge augmentation procedure please contact our office City Smiles DC at (202) 223-6300.

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Ridge Augmentation | City Smiles DC - Washington, DC
At City Smiles DC, we’re offering a ridge augmentation procedure for our patients. This is a common procedure for those who had a tooth extraction. Click to learn more.
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