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Same Day Dental Implants
Washington DC

Dental Implants in a Single Visit at City Smiles DC.When a tooth requires extraction, we can remove and restore it with a dental implant and customized crown, all in one appointment. Dentistry is rapidly advancing, and our team at City Smiles DC is proud to offer you the latest in implant care. We have incorporated the tools and technology to provide you a better, faster treatment.

Dental implants are the connecting piece between the bone and tooth. With them, we can restore a single tooth, multiple teeth, or even a full arch of teeth. The difference with dental implants versus other restorations is how your replacement teeth are retained. Implants allow us to retain the tooth replacement directly to the bone, just like your natural teeth. This means that your restoration is as close to natural as it can get. Your implants will not only look good, but feel natural and secure.

How Do Single Day Implants Work?

Using dental implants to restore teeth is a growing standard that comes with decades of positive results. How the implants are placed, when they are placed, and the materials used is still evolving.

Standard dental implants are surgically placed through a process that can take months, even up to a year, to complete. This time frame can be cut considerably if the implant is placed at the same time as the extraction occurs, along with the latest CEREC technology that allows us to fabricate your permanent crown immediately.

Some of the most important aspects in placing an implant is sufficient bone and the healing process of osseointegration. The term “osseo” means bone, and integration is the fusing or bonding of the bone to the implant. As we have learned more about implants and the osseointegration process, we know that bone actually bonds with the implant better when placed at the same time as extraction.

Same day or "immediate dental implants" allow us to complete the whole process in just one day. This method of implant placement is an effective way to replace a tooth being extracted immediately after surgery and eliminating the months of waiting for the wound to heal and then re-growing bone.

Advantages of Same Day Dental Implants

Combining the tooth extraction and restoration process has shown to be better for the tissue, and better for your oral health. The advantages include:
•  Reduced Bone Loss: When a tooth is extracted, the bone reacts with immediate atrophy. This is because the bone is not getting the stimulation it needs to stay robust, so it pulls in resources and shrinks in that area. By replacing the extracted tooth immediately, we do not have to regrow and bulk up the bone before replacement.
•  Reduced Soft Tissue Loss: We have found that the soft gum tissue actually heals more quickly with the implant in place than it does waiting for the socket to heal with the loss of the tooth.
•  Less Bacteria: Typically, following extraction, there is a period before the socket heals that leaves the area vulnerable to contaminants and bacteria settling. We can reduce this with the immediate placement of the implant and crown. The overall healing process is improved.
•  Immediate Restoration: Missing teeth is bad for your oral health, even if you are only missing a single tooth. It throws off balanced chewing and forces you to alter your diet to accommodate the lack of a tooth. Leaving our office with a fully restored tooth is best.

Contact Us

If you have a tooth that requires extraction, we can remove the damaged tooth and provide you a fully restored tooth in the same office visit. We are happy to provide you with more information specific to your situation. For more information, contact our office at (202) 223-6300 or fill out our online appointment request form.

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