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Tooth Socket Graft

Diagram of dental implant in to jaw boneHere at City Smiles DC we care about your oral health. When a tooth is extracted, a hole is normally left behind. The hole is called a socket. It is advisable for the hole to be filled up with something appropriate immediately once the tooth has been extracted. A socket graft is a great alternative for immediate implants.

If the cavities are left unfilled, the bone around the tooth tends to shrink. You may have seen peoples’ faces start collapsing as a result going for a while without teeth. Socket grafting is used to ensure the jawbone will not shrink; neither will the rest of your teeth start collapsing into the empty space.

The Procedure

A tooth socket graft should be on your radar if you intend to get a tooth extracted. It also helps to ensure dental implants can easily blend in with your natural teeth. The socket graft will keep the natural contours of your jawbone, and the maximum volume intact. You will be able to get a perfect dental implant when you need one.

Once the tooth has been extracted, the socket will be cleaned properly and filled up with the graft material. We will then place a protective membrane over the socket to hold the graft in place until it bonds with the rest of the jaw bone. The membrane also prevents the gum tissue from infiltrating into the socket. The membrane is placed over the filled socket and secured with a series of sutures.

The socket-graft has the texture of wet sand. There are many different types of tooth socket-grafts that could be used, however. After the graft has been placed, you might get some of the graft granules falling into your mouth. You do not have to worry though. It is normal for the graft particles to come off. The particles will stop coming off the graft after a short while.

Taking Care of the Socket-Graft

Avoid touching or disturbing the wound after the graft has been placed. This will ensure very minimal granules are coming off the graft. It would help if you did not rinse or heavily spit for two days after the graft has been placed either. That would interfere with the process of graft stabilization. You have to stop smoking or drinking alcohol until the wounds have healed as well. After the first two days, you can rinse your mouth, but not so vigorously that you do not dislodge the graft granules.

The merits of having a tooth socket graft are immense. If you do not plan to have a dental implant inserted immediately, you should make an effort to get the tooth socket filled up. This will help you maintain the natural appearance of your jaw, and face in general.

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You can call City Smiles DC at (202) 223-6300 today if you have any concerns about tooth socket grafting. Better yet, visit us for any of your oral health issues, and our professionals will attend to you. We aim to restore and maintain your oral health so that you can keep smiling.

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